The phone rings and a somewhat cautious voice asks you: Could you tell me about X, miss?

You inform him properly and bang! The classic question that every day, year, month, is increasing “THE PHOTOS OF THE ESCORTS  ARE REAL”? And of course you stay blank and I think that neither the photos were playboy type of spectacular models, nor that the look of the ladies who collaborate in the agency were implausible to wear for certain girls, nor that the spaces where the photos are taken are of an enormous luxury.


And a little angry, you tell her that yes, she does not see that even some of the escorts have video, and then the conversation is no longer so relaxed.

And thinking it is true, there are many false photos of escorts around the world, we do not believe that only in Spain we have this custom, although luckily less and less.

Some even between lettuce and lettuce put a cabbage… hee but anyway everyone knows how to run your business. The important thing is to know how to identify a false photo, today there is a mechanism to detect them, for example: tineye.com  and google  . Even for us these systems work very well to verify if any casting of the escorts is made with false photos.

It is also the case that many independent escorts who go to other countries are using photos of girls that are advertised in agencies or in escort directories.

I also wonder between a fake photo and excessive photoshop? and there I leave it.

* There is another question that is also increasing, but we’ll talk about that

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