Unless the person indicates how the escort would have to attend the appointment :

1st Do not go heavily made up, less is always more, those red lips will be for most like STOP !!!!. and they are already imagining their stained clothes etc. etc. So be very careful with these little details. If you like it like this, it is better to save it for other occasions.

2nd The perfume has to be subtle, just a mild clean fragrance, often the best perfume is a skin with the scent of soap.

3º Those infinite heelssss (no please) if you are not really elegant with said heels, on the contrary it attracts a lot of attention and do we not want to draw attention to the bad? An escort has to go unnoticed by these details, and if she draws attention for something that is for her elegance, beauty, attitude, neatness and discretion.

“Dress vulgar and they will only see the dress, dress elegant and they will see the woman.”
“Less is more.” (Coco Chanel)

4th S lways in your wardrobe, for example, a white shirt is elegant, sober and with everything even with jeans, a black blazer, a white tennis shoes, a pair of jeans and your “Kitten heels” discreet heels , a camel coat, a nice and neat bag says a lot about us, just like having impeccable shoes.

5º NEVER think that the basic is not elegant, on the contrary, fashion is about making the ordinary extraordinary.

6º Do not wear short garments or above the knee with pronounced necklines at the top, showing a lot of skin is the opposite of good taste, do not wear clothes that are too tight, it is about dressing well, not dressing up as Elasti-Girl.

7º When you have doubts about how to dress … ask and let us advise you, think that we do not want to advise you badly since your presence and attitude will be our reference. And even if you think that it does not suit you (because you are not used to dressing like that, or putting on makeup in such a way) what we want is for you to be the perfect image of a luxury escort.

8º When you use nail polish, take care, a single unpainted nail can give a somewhat neglected appearance. That is why both the hands and the feet (even if they are hidden in winter … they must be perfect. The ideal is the French manicure. And the false nails carefully, too long is not the right thing to do.

9º Use accessories that are not excessive but discreet, some small pearl earrings are very cute at any age, a watch, some bracelets according to your wardrobe.

10th And now what I always say…. A PRETTY SMILE

» Elegance goes hand in hand with naturalness.»


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