A long time ago I had the pleasure of reading in a forum.She fascinated me, her way of writing, of knowing how to act in every situation. From my point of view she was a perfect escort , why would you think? Discreet, elegant, cultured, knowing when to use it, she spoke several languages ​​and I already keep the other thing to myself. It was very special, I would have loved to have a coffee with her and meet her, and know today after so many years what has happened to her life. Perhaps many still remember her and when reading this they outline a smile.

She wrote the following.

1. Always respect the rules of safe sex (use condoms).
2. Decide your limits and stick to them, no matter how much money you have been offered or how broke you are.
3. Remember that being paranoid is almost as bad as the thing that causes you to be paranoid (don’t obsess)
4. Since you will probably spend a third of your life working, spending it hating what you do would be wasting YOUR life
5. People who use the Paid sex services are no different from the people we meet in our daily lives, including our friends, colleagues, and partners.
6. YOU command. No one makes you a victim unless, to some extent, you allow them to.
Be yourself 8. If you don’t like the idea, look for another way of life.
9. It is not just about making money (profits) as there are many expenses and bills to pay.
10. Beginners usually work for someone, for example, in saunas, brothels, hostess clubs or for a pimp
11. Working for yourself either in a flat or running an escort agency costs money and means responsibilities.
12. The police will not bother you unless you are very unlucky. It is stupid behavior on your part that usually attracts their attention and the reason for writing these tips.
13. The wealthy and successful will seldom hire you for long.
14. Just because you live with someone doesn’t make them a pimp. There is no difference between a whore who supports a partner and a store clerk who supports a partner
15. Many people who live or support a person who mistreats them and forces them into prostitution have the need for that kind of relationship .
16. Organized pimping is very different from living with a weak or poor partner.

17. As you get older you will discover other options to work such as mistress (mistress), madam or maid in a whorehouse.
18. Prostitution attracts people who like to give, who prefer to be financially independent and breadwinners. In other words, “controllers
19. If you want, you can pay taxes and be part of the” blank “economy, for this you must be organized, get an accountant, or even better, ask for the help of an accountant who is a client of yours.
20. Think of the sex business as a profession and use the profits it generates.
21. Get out of the habit of daily income. Think of yourself as a business. Start thinking weekly or, preferably, for months.
22. Try to pay yourself a weekly salary. If you employ someone, pay them weekly and save the rest.
23. Remember, there is no sick pay or pension so think ahead. You can get sick and you will grow old
24. If you have to lie to everyone around you, you should ask yourself why you do it.
25. If you really hate your job and hate yourself for doing it, quit.
26. Be aware that the sex business is a very tough game and prostitution is the worst part of it. It is not for everybody.
27. The fact that you can earn more money in one day than your partner in a week can seriously affect your relationship.
28. If you respect your client, your client will respect you.
29. If you believe that your client is an animal and you treat him as such, it is very likely that he behaves like an animal.
30. Poorly channeled sexual energy often turns into anger.
31. If you annoy your neighbors, they will make you have a hard time.

32. Having a lot of men walking in and out of your house attracts attention. If this is how you are going to work choose an area where no one notices or no one cares.
33. (Not applicable in Spain. Refers to English law in which only one woman is allowed to work per apartment).
34. There is no point making 50 men a week, that will make you want to quit in a couple of months and spend the money on bullshit to cheer up.

35. Remember: ten men a week is 520 a year. That is a reasonable average.
36. Give yourself a reasonable work week. If you work 7 days a week, that’s all your time, and you’ll burn out in a couple of years.

37. Take care of your appearance, smell good, dress well and you will feel good.
38. Remember, being a whore is part of the fantasy. Start being yourself, then play any requested role, then go back to being yourself. That will make your performance a lot more fun.
39. It’s okay to have fun and it’s okay to enjoy yourself.
40. It is also okay to come (have an orgasm)
41. Remember, you are the one in control.
42. If things don’t go well with a client, forget about the money, stay calm and kind.
43. There are good and bad escort agencies. Unfortunately, it is a matter of trying and erring. (* Different economic conditions in each country) For departures they must check the customer’s phone number before giving it to you. They should also expect you to call them when you arrive and leave to see the client. For security reasons, leave a note of the telephone number and address of each visit at home, with the agency and a good friend.
44. Make sure you have a friend who knows what you are doing and supports you. In the end you have yourself and your integrity: trust yourself and your intuition, they will always protect you. Consider yourself valuable, what you do valuable and let your friends know this too.
45. As a companion, know your limits and don’t drink too much.
46. ​​If you try hostess clubs, remember that you often work five or six nights a week and have to drink. The fees for sex seem substantial but they are not earned every night or even every week. You have to be groomed and often groped by drunk guys until 2 or 3 in the morning, sometimes for a small fee. However, if you like to go out and drink this could be your thing.
47. Private clubs are more secure because the club has the members’ information, names and addresses.
48. Saunas often require a masseur’s diploma and do not encourage full sex (England).
49. Being on the street may seem like the easiest option to get into the game, but remember that many “hunting grounds” are someone’s lot: other prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers and police (you will have to learn to distinguish them and how Deal with them).

50. Whichever option you choose, you will have to pay someone somewhere (as in all jobs). There are many organizations that can help you if you need it….



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