escorts Barcelona Perhaps we do not give much importance to underwear and its accessories, it is totally not seen unless you undress.

So please always impeccable lingerie, even if we go out to take the dog out, you never know what fate has in store for us or whatever. It is NOT necessary to be an escort to take this into account. We have to be feminine and flirtatious from minute 0. Lately we are putting aside our femininity, not only with lingerie but with our way of speaking, behaving, etc. And I apologize if I offend someone, but sometimes “they” take care of themselves more than we do .. And everything enters through the eyes girls, nothing is ever to be taken for granted … so always perfect. (It is not necessary either »LA PERLA» to be perfect, especially for young girls.

Also a good waxing please (also in winter).

2nd Combine underwear please,  do not go with a red panties and a green bra (and we have all done it), I repeat there are super cute sets and well priced.

Winter is ideal to wear sexy stockings with or without garters underneath.

4th In summer, take them in our toiletry bag, also some garters and another set of underwear. It is so beautiful, pleasant and sexy to look at when you take off your clothes and wear beautiful heels, perfect lingerie and stockings.

… ..But let’s see… what the underwear is not only our thing. Boys pay attention that for us it is not pleasant to see ugly, dirty, disheveled underpants.

So you also leave the house with your underpants, impeccable briefs, the same as your socks, we also look at it EHHH. And do not put perfume on your intimate parts because that is not pleasant later. And removing the socks along with the pants will be better without them. I think most of us like the classic Boxer, but for tastes and measurements ..

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