Year 2020/2021

Hello .. what a year right? It s like being in a movie (bad movie).

News began to arrive from China in March and we saw the corpses in the street and forcing people to get into ambulances … all very siu generis to assimilate it. And I came to Europe, and with it I changed our lives.

Many of us lost loved ones (friends, family and a long etc), they confined us and if our society is increasingly closed (Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Tick took, sugars, meeting) this has already been the saddest thing .

Christmas without family, without being able to see your parents, children, grandchildren, friends, people who have died alone. So we have created another dome, I do not know if it will be good in the future, nor if we will learn anything from all this.

Also in this year I have known the true meaning of friendship and solidarity, to see how many people have helped us and I do not say it only financially, but by being constantly aware and calling to see how we are, and this is very nice … empathy should never be lacking.

Now we are almost all vaccinated and looking suspiciously at our future, which the truth gives a lot of respect.

I hope that we all become aware so that we can continue taking care of our elders and ourselves.

A big hug from our entire team

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